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a woman who has a child and becomes a different person than she was before (often a former feminist); her conversations all revolve around toilet training, feeding schedules, and the occasional housework; so-called because there's a certain glazed look in the eyes and she appears to have been brainwashed
Dana used to be pretty cool and loved talking about politics. Since she had her baby, though, she's a total Mombie--I asked what she thought of Obama and she looked at me blankly and asked if that was a type of stroller.
by Wyntre June 30, 2009
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wrong-->"Oh my god, Jessica, your post literally scared me to death" right--> "I literally wrote this post at 3:04 A.M."
by Deathmatch1127 April 14, 2015
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Mother who suffers for lack of sleep and acts in zombiemode.
- WTH... you put your cellphone in fridge?
- Sorry.. im sucha mombie again.
by zmom October 29, 2009
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A sleep-deprived supermom who feeds on caffeine and survives on sticky kisses and messy smiles. Mombies are master multi-taskers and suck-it-uppers.
My mombie game is strong. I have managed to scrub the walls, make dinner, bathe the kids, and drink an entire pot of coffee in one gulp on 2 hours of broken sleep.
by Stillrad May 19, 2015
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A listless, unaffectionate mother who tries to go through the motions of rearing the perfect child. Equals mom + zombie. She'd rather ask her kid what a participle is, instead of trying to savor a light moment.

The community center was full of mombies, who grilled their kids coldly on what they learned today in school in the 15 minutes wait before gymnastics class.
by SPQR October 18, 2007
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A mindless, half-dead idiot who walks and plays with their mobile phone at the same time.
I nearly ran over a mombie who walked into the road without looking the other day.
by BDino August 17, 2012
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Mom + Zombie. She is a super Mom who also happens to be a zombie. Due to a busy schedule she showers on a weekly basis and gets smelly. She can sometimes spend half the day blushing. She can sometimes be a Yuxin, though she gets mad if you call her that. Appearence wise she is very pretty, though she can look a little like corn. But most importantly she is a lovely mother who always looks after her baby.
She takes such good care of her dressing baby, and yet she is a bit smelly. She must be a Mombie.
by Smellybaby September 07, 2018
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