a fucking amazing creature that was made for me
wow a blobfish is amazing
by chickenblobfish April 24, 2019
1) an endangered jelly like creature at the bottom of the sea that is known for it's seemingly sad and depressed facial expression.

2) an individual who resides in an incompetent state of being

3) an individual who comes across as mean, angry, and/or unresponsive
2) What a blobfish! He’s always shut up in his room being unproductive.

3) You are not responding to my texts or calls. Why are you being such a blobfish to me?
by suthernt06 February 10, 2012
1)A lifeless and motionless piece of floating jelly, usually this creature moves up and down with a jerking movement. This entertaining species can be located in Peterborough, UK, goes by the name of a special someone from the eastern village of Glinton.
2) A fishy period
person #1: "Ahh mate, why is she so smelly"
person #2: "Shes on her blobfish"
by mikey92 April 19, 2009
A bitch that is uglier or as ugly as a blobfish. A mega ugly bitch.
"There's plenty of fish in the sea, so you better go fishing otherwise you're gonna be left with the blobfish"
by Period4A December 16, 2015
A new religion created by a select few who felt Bob the Blobfish speak to them. They worship him daily and are very fond of all blobfish
Mercy: My religion is Blobfishism.
Chip: What is that?
Mercy: It's a religion where you worship a blobfish from some show called Octonauts or something.
by Mercy#0193 September 24, 2019
A jaw dropping stunner of a beautiful beast.
You looked gorgeous last night." ..."Thankyou, I was going for a teenage mutant ninja turtle look."..."You missed that completely. Instead, you got a blobfish look.
by myblobfish July 1, 2010
A blobfish sucks blob dick. It has a land form and a water form