Holy shit, Marston! Why must you engage in acts of molesterbation?
by czainsaw February 16, 2006
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When a man is given a handy by a woman when he is sleeping and wakes up with no knowledge of what happened or why his sheets are sticky.
My wife must have molesterbated me while I was sleeping, because I don't know how my drawers are sticking to my junk.
by Storm Front December 18, 2012
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The art of molesting someone (or thing) by masturbating on and or for them.
After we arrived at my apartment from a decent meal at cheddars, Dale proceeded to pin me down on all fours and molesterbate on my genitalia.
by MarshN December 27, 2011
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To give someone a handjob/ to finger them. anything one can do to themselves, done by another person, with a sexual intent
Ria molesterbated Tj when he took his pants off

Tj molesterbated that hot girl in the movie theatre
by Ria March 12, 2005
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1: To touch yourself in an unwanted sexual manner.

2: To molest someone while touching yourself in a sexual manner.
1: "Don't molesterbate Alex!" "You think I want to do this Tom?!?!"

2: "The old man behind Wal-Mart knocked me out and I woke up to him whacking off while touching me... He really does love to molesterbate..."
by longduckdong August 5, 2014
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1) dude george is molesterbating trae
2) trae molsterbates himself too much
by piznitch November 6, 2003
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