1. Means "wet" in Spanish.
2. An illegal Mexican immigrant who crossed the US/Mexican border by swimming across the Rio Grande.
3. Spanish slang term for getting drunk by drinking alot of mojito cocktails.
Inside a restroom at a gas station...

Pablo: (mopping the floor) Oye Pablo que pasa? Wassup ese?
Jorge: (trying to unclog a toilet) Yo Pablo, man this work is fucking pissing me off, homes. Someone must have been constipated as fuck here.
Pablo: Yeah man this is bullshit and I'm boring my ass off here. Say wanna come with me to Roberto's Cantina with me? I hear they make awesome cocktails and we're gonna get mojado over there. Plus loads of fine-ass mamacitas too. Paradise homes! Pair-a-dice!
Jorge: Sorry ese, but we can't. We're both mojados remember? We need IDs to get in there and I dont want no one getting la migra on our asses. Besides it's fucking raining cats and dogs out there and I dont want to get all mojado and ruin my clothes.
Pablo: Um... well, I brought some porn mags with me.
Jorge: (finishing unclogging the toilet) Orale wey! Let me have that copy of Tig Ol' Bitties so I can amuse myself in here for a little while.
by Terminus_Est May 14, 2011
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