A form a payback to someone that entails deviant sexual circumstances. One never knows the exact nature of the retribution nor the devise used for such and is unable to protect them self or avoid it.
"That bitch made me move the couches this morning. I'll give her a wet floor."
by Shifty Eye March 1, 2012
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A chappaqua with much more talent then The flu or The undecided
Jon kinney march 13" man caution wet floor kicks ass i wish the flu was this good "
by Henry Neverstand March 23, 2004
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A sign needed when a girl creams her panties about a really hot person.
Used to warn others of a slick floor due to the vast amount of bodily fluids excreted from said woman.
Hot guy walks by
Girl: (raves about guys hotness and awesome he is)
Friend: Damn girl, I need to get you a wet floor sign
by TMoney_333 September 3, 2015
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the best halo 2 clan in the world, consisting of henry (the best) tom the 2nd best and constanti ans hing who are crap and let the clan down
oiii i hope we dont verse ll WeT Floor ll again cause they'll kick are ass again!!!!
by wet floor rules March 21, 2005
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this is what you steal from dining halls when you are bored in college and have nothing better to do with your time or your life.
P1: i just started a new wet floor sign collection in my room!
P2: for why tho?
P1: cause i enjoy wet floor signs... all of them... i want EVERY ONE... especially from bent ;)
by cinnamon bent pancakes March 4, 2021
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