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1. Means "wet" in Spanish.
2. An illegal Mexican immigrant who crossed the US/Mexican border by swimming across the Rio Grande.
3. Spanish slang term for getting drunk by drinking alot of mojito cocktails.
Inside a restroom at a gas station...

Pablo: (mopping the floor) Oye Pablo que pasa? Wassup ese?
Jorge: (trying to unclog a toilet) Yo Pablo, man this work is fucking pissing me off, homes. Someone must have been constipated as fuck here.
Pablo: Yeah man this is bullshit and I'm boring my ass off here. Say wanna come with me to Roberto's Cantina with me? I hear they make awesome cocktails and we're gonna get mojado over there. Plus loads of fine-ass mamacitas too. Paradise homes! Pair-a-dice!
Jorge: Sorry ese, but we can't. We're both mojados remember? We need IDs to get in there and I dont want no one getting la migra on our asses. Besides it's fucking raining cats and dogs out there and I dont want to get all mojado and ruin my clothes.
Pablo: Um... well, I brought some porn mags with me.
Jorge: (finishing unclogging the toilet) Orale wey! Let me have that copy of Tig Ol' Bitties so I can amuse myself in here for a little while.
by Terminus_Est May 14, 2011
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How a Japanese person who is trying to act black would say "Nigga Please." The R in the word "preaze" comes from the fact that it is common for Japanese people who speak broken English to sort of pronounce their L sounds like R's.

Just felt like putting a definition for this since there was already one that didnt make as much sense as this one.
Jiro: Yo,yo,yo,yo,yooooo, da notorious JI-R-O is in da mothafuckin house, beotch! Yo Yoshi, got any dorrar birrs, homie? Imma cruise fo some rovery white radies in my pimped out Honda Civic and bang on dem tits rike taiko drums untirr my rice noodle farrs off, fo shizzre!
Yoshi: Friend Jiro, what's wrong with you? I swear to Buddha you sound rike you drank too much sake rast night or received few severe brows to head as chird. Have you seen ratest Inuyasha episode yet?
Jiro: Nigga Preaze! Foor you trippin! Imma pop shurikens in yo ass! Dont be wastin my frava!
by Terminus_Est May 28, 2008
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A very dense, inert, non-toxic gas that is much heavier than air and used in the electrical industry as an insulating gas. If you inhale it, it would make your voice sound like Satan, i.e. really deep. This is because sound travels through this gas slower than it does through air.
When the science teacher demonstrated how sound travels differently through different gasses by inhaling helium and sulfur hexafluoride respectfully, he began to talk like a chipmunk and then like Darth Vader.

Justin Bieber inhaling sulfur hexafluoride would probably result in his voice sounding like a normal maturing teenage boy's voice, rather than like a little girl's.
by Terminus_Est September 29, 2012
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A highly popular combat/roleplaying system within Second Life. Originally created for a specific dark roleplaying sim(in-game island), it has grown over the years and spread to other sims, gaining thousands of users worldwide. In CCS you get to choose among ten races, each ith its own abilities, strength, and weakness and play within any environment of your choosing, whether it be an urban setting with guns, drugs, hookers, a gothic setting with vampires, werewolves, and demonic shit, a fantasy setting with swords, dungeons, and dragons, or any combination of the above things. Combat and roleplay is sophisticated, involving alot of matching wits, and you do it mostly with other people and rarely computer AIs. The longer you stay and play, the more experience points you get and the higher the level your character will become. Experience points can also be awarded as well for good roleplay and winning battles. A highly social-darwinistic game in which most players are adults (hell SL is not intended for minors anyway) plus you dont have to be a nerd with no life to join in. In fact it attracts many people whom wouldnt be considered as such.
CCS is WoW for non nerdy people.

CCS is social darwinism at its finest.

CCS makes SL much more exciting.

CCS is dark, violent, gory, bloody, depraved, etc. and not intended for minors or people who cant handle a good defeat.
by Terminus_Est November 18, 2010
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A car that has been decorated all over from trunk to hood with Barack Obama campaign stickers.
I drove in my pimped out Obamobile to the Obama campaign rally and everyone started cheering and roaring their approval at my choice of bodywork modification.
by Terminus_Est April 7, 2008
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Devices generally used to store documents, schoolwork, and leaflets of paper, yet Mitt Romney apparently somehow uses them to store his women.
Jack: Hey man check out these big ass binders I just got at Office Depot.
Mike: Holy shit are you crazy?! You can fit a few women inside those things!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan taking a break from campaigning at a shady club while their wives are asleep:
Mitt: Man this club blows ass. I'm the fucking future POTUS and I deserve so much better than this swill they call beer and this nauseating excuse for music.
Paul: Yeah and man where the hell is all the pussy?
Mitt: I know. Where are... Hey why don't I bring some binders full of women to liven up this otherwise drab joint! I've got tall women, short women, fatties, anorexics, big tits, small tits, et cetera et cetera, take your pick.
Paul: Brilliant! I'm down with that!
by Terminus_Est October 24, 2012
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A very ancient Australian instrument that can be used to play some wicked dubstep if you are really good with it.
With just his mouth, lungs, and a hollow wooden log, the didgeridoo player played an awesome solo that made Skrillex shit his pants.
by Terminus_Est December 15, 2012
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