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One complete fucking badass who totally fucking deserves his own list of outrageous facts like Chuck Norris. I mean seriously.
1. When Arnold Schwarzenegger once won a weightlifting competition, he celebrated his victory by eating his barbell, processing and melting the barbell in his stomach, and then crapping red-hot liquid metal out his anus.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger always puts a shitload of plutonium in his steroids whenever he uses them.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger only needs a single witty one-liner in his speeches to prove his point. And to win the ENTIRE population of the state of California.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger can crush bowling balls with his fingers.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger considers all other men to be girly-men.

6. When Chuck Norris had sex inside a tractor-trailer, some of his sperm got into the truck's engine. We now know that truck as Optimus Prime. Incidentally, a similar situation occurred when Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex inside a tank. We now know that tank as MEGATRON!

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger can eat a Rubik's Cube and crap it out solved.

8. Despite being exceptionally skilled with every weapon in the world, the guns that Arnold Schwarzenegger mainly prefers to use are his right and left biceps.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger can solve complex mathematical equations with his muscles. All he needs to do is remove certain people he dislikes from said equations.

10. Bill Gates lives in constant fear of the possibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger's PC crashing.

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger ejaculates in gallons.

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger can suffocate a man to death with his accent.

13. When you're out in the wilderness and/or near a body of water, don't say anything bad about Arnold Schwarzenegger, otherwise he'll come out of nowhere with his M60 machine gun already firing.

14. There are only four horsemen of the Apocalypse because Arnold Schwarzenegger don't need no horse!

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't use condoms. He uses live rattlesnakes.

16. Arnold Schwarzenegger can create miniature black holes by very, very, VERY tightly squeezing any object into a subatomic state with his hands.

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger can down several bottles of Everclear and never get wasted.

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 1 part man, 2 parts muscle, 3 parts charisma, and 100 parts AWESOME!

Now let's see you make up your own list of facts about Herr Arnold. I bet you can do this better than I can.
by Terminus_Est March 07, 2007
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A highly popular combat/roleplaying system within Second Life. Originally created for a specific dark roleplaying sim(in-game island), it has grown over the years and spread to other sims, gaining thousands of users worldwide. In CCS you get to choose among ten races, each ith its own abilities, strength, and weakness and play within any environment of your choosing, whether it be an urban setting with guns, drugs, hookers, a gothic setting with vampires, werewolves, and demonic shit, a fantasy setting with swords, dungeons, and dragons, or any combination of the above things. Combat and roleplay is sophisticated, involving alot of matching wits, and you do it mostly with other people and rarely computer AIs. The longer you stay and play, the more experience points you get and the higher the level your character will become. Experience points can also be awarded as well for good roleplay and winning battles. A highly social-darwinistic game in which most players are adults (hell SL is not intended for minors anyway) plus you dont have to be a nerd with no life to join in. In fact it attracts many people whom wouldnt be considered as such.
CCS is WoW for non nerdy people.

CCS is social darwinism at its finest.

CCS makes SL much more exciting.

CCS is dark, violent, gory, bloody, depraved, etc. and not intended for minors or people who cant handle a good defeat.
by Terminus_Est November 17, 2010
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A person of diminished mental capacity who is quite tall and physically large in size.
When the short bus had to drop the handicapped students off at the school, the bus driver and his aide had to make sure the frankentard did not trip on the steps leading out of the bus or hit his head against the top the bus' doorway.
by Terminus_Est June 14, 2011
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The act of freely urinating in any place and on any spot of your choosing and without any restraints or restrictions.
As he walked home from the bar while being drunk as a skunk, Tom had the urge to take a leak and decided to go freebladdering, pissing in some bushes, a trash can, and on a few walls, before finally giving a golden shower to a homeless bum who was sleeping in an alley.
by Terminus_Est December 03, 2011
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1. To make a sudden winning comeback at the very last and crucial minute or moment of a competitive situation(i.e a game, sport, fight, etc.) and shock an opponent or opponents in the process, who previously thought was/were going to win.
1. David Freese totally Freesed the Texas Rangers during the second extra inning of Game 6 of the 2011 World Series by hitting a walk-off home run and giving the St. Louis Cardinals a 10-9 win over the Rangers, who would have won if they hadn't failed to get the Cardinals out in the previous innings and prevent them from scoring runs to tie the game. Then the Rangers ultimately choked in Game 7 and lost the World Series.

2. Timmy was on the floor covered in bruises after getting the shit beat out of him by a bully, but he then Freesed the bully by kicking him really hard in the groin while he stood over him and caused him to stumble like a felled oak.
by Terminus_Est October 29, 2011
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Literally means "the terrorists" in Spanish but it can be used to refer to your homies, bros, buds, friends, etc. Comes from the verse "con los terroristas"(with the terrorists) in the Harlem Shake song by DJ Baauer, which has since recently spawned a viral dance craze on YouTube.
Jim: Hey Brad wanna play some Call of Duty with me?
Brad: Naw man I am at a party with 'los terroristas' over here getting drunk and doing the Harlem Shake!
by Terminus_Est February 16, 2013
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How a Japanese person who is trying to act black would say "Nigga Please." The R in the word "preaze" comes from the fact that it is common for Japanese people who speak broken English to sort of pronounce their L sounds like R's.

Just felt like putting a definition for this since there was already one that didnt make as much sense as this one.
Jiro: Yo,yo,yo,yo,yooooo, da notorious JI-R-O is in da mothafuckin house, beotch! Yo Yoshi, got any dorrar birrs, homie? Imma cruise fo some rovery white radies in my pimped out Honda Civic and bang on dem tits rike taiko drums untirr my rice noodle farrs off, fo shizzre!
Yoshi: Friend Jiro, what's wrong with you? I swear to Buddha you sound rike you drank too much sake rast night or received few severe brows to head as chird. Have you seen ratest Inuyasha episode yet?
Jiro: Nigga Preaze! Foor you trippin! Imma pop shurikens in yo ass! Dont be wastin my frava!
by Terminus_Est May 27, 2008
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