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A big liar;Very untrustworthy. The baby faced short kid. The person to think he is good at a particular sport but in reality he's not (For instance basketball). The kid to makes adults and teachers think he is a good kid but he really isn't if you get to know him. He is that boy to disrespect women a lot, by saying things about them where he is referring them to a a object or tool that boys just need to obtain in their future lives to be successful (which is totally not true). For instance, he the kind of boy to say "I wanna f*** girls in the p***y." or "I wanna f*** her in the a**." To sum all that up he is that certain boy to basically disrespect girls BEHIND THEIR BACK (meaning he acts like that "innocent boy" when he is near girls). He is that kind of boy to say words to others that can be insulting like the "n" word many times but says to other people that he doesn't. Another example, calling other people autistic or saying a specific action is autism, when he having no knowledge of what the term means. That kind of boy that can act a little jerky which results him doing things or saying things that HE THINKS is a joking matter, when it's really not.

Person 1: Stop lying and just tell the truth. Don't be such a Mohith dude
Person 2: (says something insulting *joking)

Person 1: That's really not funny man
by Randybuddernuts March 05, 2018
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