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A very smart old man.
Larry's grandfather is such a mogi - he knows everything.

My dad dominates at Jeopardy, he's a mogi.
by PineGroveDude May 03, 2019
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that spot in the couch that dips down suspiciously
The fraternity had three couches, each with a big mogi
by AWK101609 May 09, 2019
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A cat (or other domesticated animal) which is neither spayed, neutered, given shots, or altered in any way whatsoever. Thereby giving it the potential to grow uninhibited and naturally. Resulting in a happy, healthy, smart companion. Think about it. Your parents didn't cut off your nuts. They left that decision up to you. Why then, should we be able to decide the fate of others? Especially those who can't speak or defend themselves. Just because we have the ability, doesn't mean we have the right.
My cat Mogi proudly has his nuts, eats holistic food, and is quite larger than most cats with an especially large head. He is very intelligent and emotional and knows how to correctly express himself to me. Naturalism is the only way. :)
by CosmicButterflyAway October 25, 2012
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1. Mogi is a rectum disease, developed from the word mogli. This word can be used as assualt. Use at your own risk, fines may occur.

2. It also may be used as a compliment.
1. Danielle stated, “you are Mogi!”
Baily replied, “Danielle, you have Mogi!”
Danielle later then pressed charges the video can be found on YouTube as a leaked Judge Judy episode.

2. “Good on ya Mogi”
“Orh thanks Mogi, I did my best”
by The original mogi February 08, 2019
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Sexy,goes out with your mom and dad at the same fucking time bitch
He is such a Mogi
by Dickeaterfanuel May 29, 2018
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