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Extremely aggrivated, angry, annoyed, and/or dissapointed in any given situation.

It's miffed to the 100th power.

(Often used in conjunction with variations of the word 'fuck')
"That guy just cut me off, and I'm so fucking moffed up right now!"

"I was about to break up with my girl, but she dumped me first. Moffed me the fuck up!!!"
by lazyeye78 January 26, 2006
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(adj) Rolling so hard that you look like a complete assfuck but you feel so good that you don't care.

Derived from the character Moff who is in the movie Human Traffic. Moff rolls harder than anyone else and is hugging the speaker the entire time at the club.
by King lingus August 19, 2004
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From the Persian word "moffchor" (freeloader). Hence to moff, means to freeload. Items acquired from moffing are termed moffage.
I moffed 20 plastic forks from the student cafeteria.

I moffed a free dinner at a party I wasn't even invited to.
by anon February 08, 2005
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