faithful spear fighter from the island - Holger is a old scandinavian name for a boy - it's a two-syllabled word: "holm" = island and "ger" = spear or spear fighter
Holger Albrechtsen (1906 - 1992), Norwegian athletic
Holger Löwenadler (1904 - 1977), Swedish film actor
Holger Cahill (1887 - 1960), American, National Director of the Federal Art Projec
by HMfK February 5, 2010
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Probably has the world’s highest IQ
Is that Holger?
Yes he has a very high IQ
by 123Kenny June 20, 2020
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The action of complaining about something not working but then not having time to get it fixed.
He is such a holger, I waited here all day to fix his Satellite but when he showed up he said he had no time.
by e2matt January 29, 2016
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you are so holger, that I can't stop thinking of you.
by MoneMiami January 14, 2017
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A teacher that loves to talk about Nintendo characters and especially Luigi in a sexual kinda way. The teacher always wants students to draw nsfw pictures.
Oh my god, this person is such a dirty holger.”
by James Luigi March 9, 2022
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The Holger 26 is a weapon that appeared in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)" and later made a cameo in "Call of Duty Mobile (2019)". It is very clearly based on the H&K MG36 (whose name didn't appear in the games due to copyright issues) and could be modeled into any other itteration of the G36 with attachment changes (excluding the SL-8 due to it firing completely differently). It was a well-rounded and well-balanced in MW2019, but in its appearance in CoDM, it absolutely slapped. Due to a bunch of soy boys complaining about it being too mobile while having a high sustained DPS, it didn't recieve any nerfs. Instead, TiMi (The game dev behind CoDM) added new, even more powerful guns (Like the MX9 and the CR-56 AMAX) into the roster to rival it. While the Holger-26 now was not standing in the spotlight anymore, the guns that came to rival it pest the game to this day.

Rest in Peace, ol' Holger.
1: Oh no, that jackass on the enemy team is running the Holger 26!
2: Is that a problem?
1: Yeah, it's season 6!
(1 and 2 screaming in terror as 3 pushes them with his Holger 26)
by DinoRedRex January 27, 2022
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