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when someone wants to agree on something but can’t be bothered to use words and just uses a sound
person 1: it’s so nice today init?
person 2: mmh
by 785gkit January 19, 2019
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May 17 Word of the Day
Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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basically β€œ yea okay whatever β€œ , mostly used when they don’t believe you
luke - β€œ i promise β€œ
mia - β€œ mmh β€œ
by _idk March 15, 2019
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Makes Me Horny
MMH applies to most situations in life:
Undergrads MMH
Finals MMH
SoCal work trips MMH
Dining with hot Italian chick MMH
Breathing MMH
Hospitals MMH
Feeling your dick on my leg does not MMH
by LeBelge January 09, 2012
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1. like a soft moan grunt thing
2. ah
She takes of my pants "Mmh"

Mmh, i see
via giphy
by AlchemistOctivus December 12, 2017
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Makes me happy. Can be Make, Made, etc.
"The other day by brother gave me a present. It MMH (made me happy)."
by lkc6 October 01, 2009
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MMH: Meet Me Halfway
MMH: Make(s) Me Happy
MMH: Make(s) Me Horny
Meet Me Halfway (MMH) at the grocery store before we go to the game.

He/She Make(s) Me Happy (MMH) when we go out to the movies.

He/She Make(s) Me Horny (MMH) when we cuddle and spoon under the blankets..
by cico wolverine April 25, 2018
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