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The name of the miscellanous section of the popular bodybuilding.com forums. Contains all the random topics that aren't appropiate for the other sections of the forum.

It has aquired a stereotype that it is predominatley populated, ironically, by people who don't even work out. Most members enjoy the anonymity the section provides and therefore feel free to post opinions and content that they would otherwise feel too embarrassed to share in real life, often with hilarious results.

Members have the option to post an avatar of themselves to show off their physique as well as the option to list their physical stats and age. If the avatar and/or stats are unflattering, they could end up being reposted by other members mockingly when they disagree with one of their opinions.

Members can be awarded with positive or negative reputation points from other members depending on the content of their posts. The positive points are known as reps/greens and are received for quality posts while negative points, otherwise known as negs, are usually reserved for poor posts and trolls. These trolls are disdainfully known as 'reds' and are largely ignored by the other members of the board.

It is heavily moderated to keep the frequent trolling at bay with moderate success.
"I just got banned from the misc for posting nudes."
by danmk March 24, 2010

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A miscer is a member of the misc section of the bodybuilding.com forums. While most of the bodybuilding.com forums are geared towards the bodybuilding lifestyle, with a few exceptions, the misc section is generally where all the unrelated random topics tend to be posted.

Miscers are predominatley male in the 18-34 age bracket. Although many claim to be avid bodybuilders, a lot do not look it judging by their avatar pictures.

Miscers tend to be a cynical, impatient and fickle lot and do not take kindly to unfunny trolling. Said trolls are often dealt with harshly and negged to oblivion.

Most miscers are looked down upon by other members of the forum because they post almost exclusively in the misc section and many do not even work out. It is also where most of the forums trolls congegrate.

To make it as a miscer your main goal should be providing entertainment to the other misc members. Probably the easiest way would be providing comedy relief or posting something informative or of an 'epic' nature.
Miscer Troll: "What's up my fellow miscers? Are you aware that protein harms your liver? Don't take protein brahs, stay natural like me!"

Miscer: "Negged"
by danmk April 05, 2010

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A picture which contains a spoon being held by the person in question or somewhere in the frame. It is used to authenticate a poster's unproven claims. The randomness of the spoon makes the picture less likely to have been copied from somewhere else. Originated on the Misc section of bodybuilding.com.
FitGurlXOX: "Why don't you guys believe I'm a real female? I just posted a pic of me showing off my ample cleavage."

Miscer: "How about you post a pic with a spoon tucked between that ample cleavage."


BigGunz: "I'm 6'5", weigh 300lbs of solid ripped muscle, I own a Ferrari and I'm a model"

Miscer: "Spoon Pic"
by danmk March 23, 2010

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Slang word for cocaine.
Girlfriend: "Joseph, I'm sick of you snorting cocaine all the time. It's time to choose, it's either me or the cocaine."

Boyfriend: "Guess I'll take the sniffs!"
by danmk March 16, 2010

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A beautiful fishing village located on the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's unusual name is believed to have originated from the area being used as a popular location for hunters to dress animal carcass' during it's early history. It's small population is descended from Scottish settlers and most are employed in the fishing and tourisim industries. Surrounded by the Cape Breton Highlands on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Meat Cove makes for a popular tourist destination in the summer.
I love Meat Cove.
by danmk March 13, 2010

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Another word for a videogame controller.
Xbox 360 has the best levers.
by danmk March 16, 2010

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A vagina. Usually used when referring to the vagina of a young sexy woman. A bixie should be tight, pleasant to look at and have minimal smell.
John Angus:
"Hey, check out that dirty looking whore over there!"

Hector D:
"Yeah, I bet she don't got no bixie between her legs, just a big ole nasty snatch!"
by danmk November 05, 2006

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