A discreet expression used to describe hot females walking near you. An expression used to emphasize greatness. A simplistic word used to reference common terms such as sweet, cool, awesome, good, great, aww shit, hot damn, coot, cooter, cooch, pinkie, etc. A word used to ask if someone got ass. In general, a term used in a fragmented sentence to express happiness and delight. Also, used as a common synonym for girlfriend.
That broad has some mint bomb pieces (bp's). I must say girl, your performance in bed was mint. Dinner was pretty mint tonight. Yo, did you mint it out last night. Fucking mint! I brought my mint piece to the party.
by E$ May 05, 2006
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a virgin, called such because they are untouched, still brand new, in mint condition.
Matt: Damn dude that chick is hella fine and u said she hasn't experienced the touch of a man?

Buck: Yep, she's a mint.
by the V-man November 15, 2007
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(n.)A cool-tasting, aromatic herb that is virtually impossible to start from seed packets, but if you succeed it will invariably escape from its container, invade your garden, and transform your backyard (not to mention every backyard within the tri-state area) into a sea of minty goodness.
"Some more mint tea, dear?"
"I don't want any more mint tea!"
"Well there's mint jelly, lamb with mint sauce, mint candies, mint juliep, mint..."
by Laser Potato June 29, 2006
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used by mancs to describe things that are good. they are fuckin idiots and dont realise how stupid they sound
Scouser:- did you see everton beat liverpool 3-0?
Manc:- yea it was mint!
Scouser:- fuck off you prick i was talkin to me mate
by Simundo September 15, 2006
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it doesnt stand for anything
but its said with the letters being individual.
it means that some one is sooooo damn hot
and you would tap them in a heart beat.

Melbournians use it frequently
"man, he is M.I.N.T"
by babbeh333 July 10, 2008
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