A word used in Northan England, meaning rather good. The word tends to be used by a scally but is also used when taking the piss.
1. I love doing nothing with my life, it is mint.
by .snow March 09, 2004
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Mints are a candy that make you feel minty fresh. They bring people together, and are great presents. They are also very addictive and make your stomach feel slushy if you have too many. They also may cause you to throw up.
Obi: You have a problem with mints.
Chuck: I'm Chuck. Mints are amazing, and at least they aren't drugs.
Obi: True, true.

Person 1: Ay you got mints?
Chuck: Na I don't have any
Person 1: Yes you do, I hear them in your pocket
Chuck: Fine
Person 1: Thank you

Person 1: Here's a bag of mints
Person 2: Damn, thank you bud!
Person 1: No problem!
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by yellowpanda February 21, 2018
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1)used to describe a funny action that a person does 2)or used to show humourous fustration at yourself for making a mistake.Both uses should be said in a high pitch voice for a maximum 2 seconds.
1) kid falls off bike.James:" MINT!"
2) John misses an open goal.John: " MINT!"
by Carlo Rocco February 16, 2008
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A urinal sanitizer, usually shaped like a giant, colored Altoid.
I like to pee on the mint in the urinal.
by dhfbednchfb February 19, 2010
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A Word used many times in one sentence by teens or young adults in baseball caps, as brain can not comprehend the use of other words to complement
i had mint day yesterday, met a mint girl as i was crusing in my mint car
and she had on one mint pair of tits
by Badmonkey August 22, 2003
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