loaded , lot of money or can mean good
he's minted
by witts.inc June 3, 2003
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to be rich
wow she's minted!
by Amy October 28, 2003
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he is so minted
by squishey March 1, 2015
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it means rich like loadsa money n stuff
look at dat house he must b minted
wow shes minted ent she luk at dat car
wow hes minted
by ***H*** January 28, 2006
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it is an another new word that is like cool or ace it means that something is new and exciting.
wow that new television set is sooo minted OR i really want the new 'urbz' game it is really mint
by Lauren March 10, 2005
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a word that describes something or an experience that is 'cool' or 'amazing', usually used like this in Great Britain. In America it has something to do with drugs.
Has no reference to the herb, mint, often used to flavour toothpaste and chewing gum.
That rollercoaster ride was mint!
That top was minted!
by lydia (is mint) July 13, 2004
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"that top is minted"
"that guy is minted"
by Stephanie September 14, 2003
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