lad 1: Do you think i shud go wit katie?
lad 2: Ye shes well mint!
lad 1: I suppose.
by jennifer robinson December 05, 2003
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A word used mainly by bogans to describe something in a positive manner (usually rusty old cars). An alternative for the word sweet.
"Its a mint day aye?"
"Bro, I just seen this mint holden"
"Yeah it had no motor but the body was mint as"
"Nice paint job, hardly any rust. It's a real minta"
by wots my name again June 28, 2005
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To say that something or someone waz/is good/nice/cool.
Example1: Were u out last night?
Example2: Yeh it waz mint.
by [A]licia October 23, 2007
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A term used in England particularly (but debatable) that is used as an adjective to describe something "nice" or "new" or "cool" depending on the context. It is the equivalent of people in America using the words "fresh" or "hot".
Man did you hear that track? That shit is mint!
by Sir Funky Fresh September 30, 2006
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a much better word for kool cuz uhm as we all know kool is officially dead and unless u be a nigga u say mint...like me...
uhm stealing is mint cuz u dont need to use money...
by Jessica THE JESSICA December 22, 2003
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Used a lot by Hockey Fags in Lively, Ontario, Canada. Used to describe something that is good, like my MINT Ford Truck or a MINT polaris sled.
Ah, what are ya drivin'? That Arctic Cat is Toilet, Cats can't swim! Now, take a look at my MINT Polaris.
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
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