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slang term for a woman's breasts.
"That blonde's got some great milkbags. Are they real?
by Omni November 11, 2003
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The term used to describe a young man with a body shaped like a bag of milk. This man also tends to have a paler skin tone and usually, if not always, is downright ugly. Yet somehow this milk bag manages to get a hot girlfriend.
Guy 1: This girl is an absolute rocket.
Guy 2: Wow she is. Says she's in a relationship, check his Facebook.
Guy 1: Man this guy is a milk bag.
Guy 2: Standard.
by 7orture August 17, 2012
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Slang term used to refer to Canadians. "Milkbags" is a term deemed offensive by all Canadians, but they will not say so, because they are all too polite.

Originated in Southwest Guam in a reference to the fact that Canadians invented the 'Milkbag' as an alternative to the 'Milk Jug'.
"Canadians might not have as many crazy people in their Wal-Mart's, but that doesn't change the fact that they're a bunch of milkbags!"
by misanthropy_inc March 06, 2010
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1. Breasts, usually large, which sag and lack perk to the point of resembling bags. Saggy or baggy tits.
"Yeah, she had real Milk bag titties." or "She have good tits?" "Nah man, she had Fuckin Milk Bags"
by El Cinnimon Crispo July 29, 2006
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