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A highly visible tattoo or piercing, usually located on the neck or hands. Also applies to excessive facial piercings or large gauge ear piercings.

-Props to Oeler for this one-
Dude, go check out the minimum wage on that guy cleaning the bathroom!


Because of the minimum wage he got in college, Joe was never able to find a job paying more than seven dollars an hour.
by Wolfeman April 30, 2008
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The thing that Mcdonalds courperation gives to Mcdonalds emplyees
Josh was going to work at Mcdonalds but was told to work at a sweat shop if he wanted more than Minimum wages
by Meerkat123 May 02, 2008
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Seems like a good idea, but its not. Creates unemployment and violates freedom of contract, if you dont understand how this could be true, check out an economics book, its basic econ.
Attempting to raise the minimum wage will result in poor people losing their jobs.
by youknow2 May 08, 2005
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In NY, it's $5.15. Our dear Govenor Pataki refused to sign a bill that could've raised it to $7.15 an hour, forgetting about the poor single parents who have to pay bills/rent/other expenses.
Instead of the people in Congress giving themselves raises, they need to think about the poor people.
by Diane November 29, 2004
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A Dinnerlady that cant earn much money per hour
Dinnerlady - "hey give me that ball"
Kid - "haha minimum wage"
by Ubaid Nisar March 27, 2007
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$5.15 per hour: what Michael Reppert/ mexicans earn in a hard day's work
You're earning minimum wage at the golf course? That's nothin... that's how much I paid your mom last night.
by Drew November 13, 2003
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anyone that honestly believes minimum wage doesn't hurt the economy seriously needs to take an economics class.
progressives will continue to harm our nation's economy if they keep coming up with bad ideas like minimum wage.
by david smith, jr. April 21, 2008
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