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woman who likes to give oral pleasure to other women
she is a minge muncher
by beernshag October 03, 2003
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A woman/man who likes to eat pussy
"Goodness gracious Tabitha, I was crocheting a cap for my great grandson when Ethel came knocking at my door"

"My word, Bessie whatever did she want, I thought you two had a falling out"

"You're quite right, Tabitha. I believe she wanted to reconcile and engage in lesbian activities"

"Heavens! At 105 she is still a minge muncher?"

"Quite right! Would you care to?

"Oh! I would be honoured!"
by Jouchi January 12, 2015
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1.) Plural of Minge Muncher. A Minge Muncher is someone who munches minges.

2.) (and this IS true!) A game, much like "Duck, duck goose", that my weird friend plays. It is basially the same as Duck, Duck, Goose, but you say Minge, Minge, MINGE MUNCHER! instead.
1.) "Look at those lesbians! I bet they're minge munchers."

2.) "Who wants to play Minge Munchers?"
by Bi-sexual minge muncher August 12, 2006
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Best defines a person who gets with multiple women\men and is pretty much a player
Ye that guy at the party was such a minge muncher
by Roger quale chaser June 16, 2017
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