Used when in a state of disgust and convulsion.
"i just threw up all over the keyboard."

"ergh, that's wrong."
by Purple Puzzle Productions March 24, 2007
an adjective for feeling upset, confused, disgusted, or just overall shitty
I heard you guys broke up, how do you feel?
I feel just like, ergh right now.
by freshfolyfe January 8, 2011
The battle cry of crapman. He lets himself be known by screaming his cry.
Crapman: Alright team, stop your noise.

*Class ceases to stop*

Crapman: ERGH
by Giulius January 29, 2008
A sound of frustration.
A cool word Jenny Lee made up.
by jenPOOFer March 29, 2007
Ergh is when you are feeling sad or unsure.
I really wanted to be with them;
but they are all over the place,
and I've got to much of my own
stuff to deal with. Ergh.
by Maezm August 21, 2018