A word that dumbasses use to show possession.
Those books are mines.

That's mines.

You got mines
I take care of me and mines.
by WHAAAAAAA? February 28, 2015
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The knowing that a person belongs to you. NOT your friend.
Omg Jed is mine!
No. He's not, he is Ele's
by Emmanatinlies April 27, 2012
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Used in an exclamitory way to proclaim that something is yours.
Dumpface1: Hey, there's only one peice of pizza left. If no one wants it I'll...
Dumpface2: MINE!!!
Dumpface1: Well fine, you take it...
by Santa-Bob December 02, 2005
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1. A word that replaces the term shotgun : used to tell people that u are claiming something
2. A place, usualy a underground tunnel where ores or precius stones are being gathered and shipped off.
3. A explosive device that has lethal side effects when activated.
4. A word that causes you to do 10 pushup's if answered to a question. After the 10th pushup you have to clap 1 time with your hands so everybody knows that you are a retarded person if your are at a public location. This last clap is increasing for the humiliation factor.

Waiting line in the supermarket:

Mark: Who's milk is this?
Onno: Mine
Seraphin: OOOOHHHH!! Yea bitch give me 10!
(pushups have to be done, no matter which location)

Exeption: When a driver of a car on a very busy road answered ''mine'' after a question, he can postpone the pushups untill the car has a initial velocity of 0 km/h.
by Sasraptor February 16, 2009
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common Turkish name for a baby girl, there is no accent over the e in written Turkish

in Turkish, the meaning is enamel, it also means something pretty

the people with this name are often misunderstood
a guy texting to his friend...

a guy…that's Miné, my best friend!

his friend…whats yours? i didn't know i was ur best friend, i am blushing doooooood
by chakrakhan February 06, 2011
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A slang word uneducated or ghetto people use to define possession.
The S doesn't belong
Don't talk to my girlfriend shes mines.
That's a nice cap, give it to me it's mines.
Darius won the prize, wait till I get mines.
That one slice of pizza its mines.
I love your new pair of sunglasses, just wait till I get mines.
Dina bought a beautiful dress for the wedding, yesterday I got mines.
by Senator Bill July 27, 2019
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