nice girl that puts others before her self, gets herself into trouble for her friends. Isn't fat but isn't skinny, all the way ugly but doesn't care, falls for guys to quickly
MinΔ“ is a kind and caring person
by Mavel September 15, 2020
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Not, yours
yo that your stapler?
yeah its mine
can i have it?


its mine
by homo-alien February 21, 2017
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something that is yours
Is this your paper ? "Hey that's mines"
by Schos December 08, 2017
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mine, not urs bitch so back the fuck off alien looking ass gimme my tide pod pack and do some hentai
Hes mine, Hoe.
by HEHEHHEEHE August 04, 2018
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when something is yours, or a pit or a colliery for mining coal n gold n iron n stuff out the ground, they call miners or anyone from a mining village "the pitmen",
jimmy: aye up ol pal, that mine, keep yer'ands off it!!
john the theif: it warr me

jimmy: I wish they'd reopen the mines, then everybody would have a job
johnny: arr I know, lorrove unemployment since they shut em!!
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
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A slang term for the bathroom. Generally used in rustic areas.
by CHITOWNTNT July 23, 2006
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