23 definitions by paul hinton

a riffle the british army lend to kids on their thirteenth birthday, its just a training riffle, you have to cock every time you shoot. Its the uglyest riffle in existance, horrable shape. cadets and youth armys are just a way to brainwash the young ns to goto war and join thereal army later on in life, how else dya think they get enough people mad enough to join. its good money if you don't mind the risk of dying befor your time.
you wouldnt last long on the real battlefeild with this plastic single shot thing, the l98 is a good trainer though.
by paul hinton May 4, 2006
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when something is yours, or a pit or a colliery for mining coal n gold n iron n stuff out the ground, they call miners or anyone from a mining village "the pitmen",
jimmy: aye up ol pal, that mine, keep yer'ands off it!!
john the theif: it warr me

jimmy: I wish they'd reopen the mines, then everybody would have a job
johnny: arr I know, lorrove unemployment since they shut em!!
by paul hinton December 9, 2005
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a way a sayin man especially around places like dudley, cannock, netherton, walsall, woverhampton, west bromwich, wenesbury, cradley, places like that. its a very broad dialect,

ow bin ya me mon (how have you been my man)
johnny: ow bin ya me mon
jim: not too bad arrr
johnny: a yo orighte mert
jim: arr
by paul hinton December 9, 2005
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the face you pull when you cry and moan as you play the blues, it could just be the pain of ripping your fingers open as you play with so much passion, its just a natural instinct to the feelin,
guitar face eye!
hey look at stevie rays grin!!!!
by paul hinton December 9, 2005
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The propaganda machine of the fourth reich. They do anything they can to make the british people look like pussies, even though most of the people who own holliwood are jewish, and fail to relise that we the british helped save their arses in world war two.
hollywood need a good arse kickin, they need a good old beating from old glory.

jimmy: hey
yank: do british people have bad teeth and gay?
jimmy: you've been watching to much hollywood
yank: you know we yanks droped the bouncing bomb on the damns
jimmy: youve been watching too much hollywood,
yank: english people are gay and have gay accents
jimmy: only upperclass people are like that, youve been watching too much hollywood,
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
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staffordshire english for shit, crap shyte, dung,
arrr looka tha oss cack in the road
by paul hinton May 4, 2006
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when you baby just died of cot death, ya wife left ya, you mom and dad died in a fire at their house, you hooked on coke and you've just been mugged, and you got a pain in the balls, you've just been stabbed, and it drives ya to pick up a guitar and learn to play the blues, but you realise you ain't got enough doe to buy a guitar, and the rent man is thinking of kickin you out. when you do finally get a guitar and learn to play it real well you get electrocuted and die cause you had a dodgy amp. then the devil grabs you keeps you in hell for eternity.
he he now thats blues.
by paul hinton May 3, 2006
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