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to get pissed, kaylied, blathered, wrecked, to get drunk, origonated from english pissheads and said anywhere where english folk have been, the irish who speak english, and aussies say it aswel. the gaelic would be a shousha. other ways a sayin pissed, kaylied, blathered, drunk, pissed up,

theres the english saying "ya carr organise a piss up in a brewery"
means you can't do shit.
English: yo wanna goo for a pissup, c'mon get kaylied
irish man: Iye les'ave a shousha
cockney: ya gettin brahms n list, arl join ya alwhite.
aussie: ahhhyeah, arrm pissfit alrighte
welshe:ire gonna gert me a pynte
irish man: ahhhhh I dunno where d'fu Iam
aussie: ahhhh me neitha, pissed up
welshe: where the fu am I, who am I
english: now thats a piss up,

by paul hinton May 03, 2006

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when you baby just died of cot death, ya wife left ya, you mom and dad died in a fire at their house, you hooked on coke and you've just been mugged, and you got a pain in the balls, you've just been stabbed, and it drives ya to pick up a guitar and learn to play the blues, but you realise you ain't got enough doe to buy a guitar, and the rent man is thinking of kickin you out. when you do finally get a guitar and learn to play it real well you get electrocuted and die cause you had a dodgy amp. then the devil grabs you keeps you in hell for eternity.
he he now thats blues.
by paul hinton May 03, 2006

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pork rinds they make in the "black country", in the west midlands, places like woverhampton, walsall n wednesbury n cannock,
you can get em from the butchers and the pubs!
john: gerrus a bagga pork scratchings aer kid
Jimmy: arr will do, goowin down the pub later, aye i
john: tah
by paul hinton December 09, 2005

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a snack, its deep fried peices of pork fat, ya can gerrem from the butchers and the pubs, its very tasty, they also call em pork scrachings or pork crackling, they meck em all around the world, and are popular in the midlands region of england and the southern states of america!!
gorra gooen ge' maya bagga pork rind aer kid
by paul hinton December 09, 2005

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staffordshire english for shit, crap shyte, dung,
arrr looka tha oss cack in the road
by paul hinton May 04, 2006

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a foot pedal you plug in between the guitar and the amp, as you move your foot it wavers from bass to treble smothly your guitar cry like a baby, with a bit of overdrive these things sound awesome, the dunlop cry baby was played by hendrix, the same as the one in the pic there. the holy grail of wah wah has always been the dunlop crybaby the same as in the picture up there. have a listen to jimmy hendrix voodoo chile. the wah wah is just one of many difrent kinds of effects.
wah wah wah, standin next to a mountain, shot her down with the palm of my hand, wah wah
by paul hinton May 04, 2006

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an aborigonal hunting stick, they throw em in the flocks of budgerigars, to bring em down, so they can cook em for food, the name budgerigar, derives from the aborigonal word for "good food", the old hunters boomerang is a slightly curved wooden wing with a bladed edge, smoothly shaped so it glides through the air nicely!!!!
boomerang aye

john:hey look at thar ol abbo, huntin them budgies down
jimmy: yeah theyre havin a barbie tonighte
john: shall we ask em if we can join em
jimmy: arr
by paul hinton December 09, 2005

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