A talented gothic romance novelist. Likely most famous for her lovely series 'The Vampire Chronicles', a vampire series centred around the colorful (and arguably rather fruity) character Lestat de Lioncourt.

Unfortunately, she hates her fans. Anne Rice is the terrorist of fanfiction; she has taken legal actions against Vampire Chronicles fanfiction writers simply because she doesn't like what the fanbase does to her characters. Of course, this opinion extends beyond fanfiction. The woman simply does not care what you think. She will write and do as she wishes, because being a famous writer gives her privileges beyond those of mortal humans. This apparently includes cyberstalking and cyberbullying teenagers.

Do you love Anne Rice? Good for you! But guess what? She hates you.
Anne Rice wishes you to know: "I do not allow fan fiction. The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters. It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes."
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An author. She wrote The Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches and so on and so forth.

She's often perceived as a goth/teen angst writer by the uneducated. There is nothing necessarily "goth" about her.

Her Characters usually are bisexual. Her characters feel a love for both sexes. She went back to Catholicism after her husband, Stan Rice (Poet)died of cancer. She's been writing books about the life and journey of Jesus Christ, and she's vowed never to return to writing books worth reading.
Idiot: Whatcha reading?
Me: Blood and Gold, by Anne Rice
Idiot: OH EM GEE1!1111 GOTH!
Me: **** you.
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A money-hungry bitch that doesn't give a damn about her fanbase.
"Money, money, money....MONEY!!!!!!"-Anne Rice
by 42 December 27, 2005
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Author of The Vampire Chronicles, The Mayfair Witches and many other books. A modern literature legend.
Yes, I am an Anne Rice fan.
by Zoecb October 24, 2004
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alliteration put to death; a disastrous author with no sense of true writing; crap on a stick smeared upon paper and sold without regard for who cares to read it (no one).
Anne Rice is a devilishly decadent disaster with deceitful drek dribbled from dismembered digits dropping death upon paper
by repus_x January 14, 2009
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Tolkien for whiny goth teenagers.
Life is unfair, I want to die....whhhaaaaaa.
Oh well, I guess I'll read some Anne Rice.
by Lenin December 27, 2005
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1. Going from one end of the spectrum to the other because you are going to die.
2. Leaving what you're known for to get even more money for a new trendy style.
3. Going goth, cause they read a book.
4. Selling out.
1a: Finding God because you are almost dead.
2a: Writing about Christ because it's the new fad.
3a: Ahhh, they read interview with a vampire now they are going Anne Rice on us.
by Hostile October 25, 2005
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