Commonly used in Filipino when you know or saw something but dunno what it is or called. Can also refer to someone you know by face but not by name. Or you remembered something but you don't know how to explain it. One of Tagalog terms that don't have an English equivalent
Juan: Can you get me that kwan! *points at something*
Huwan: The what?
Juan: That kwan! There! the kwan!
Huwan: The what? Where?
Juan: Over there! The kwan!

Whowan: So you remember Maria?
Juan: Ah! She used to work at kwan! You know where he serves some beer at the customers?
Whowan: AH! Like in a bar?
Jiuan: No! Something like kwan! *now with hand gestures trying to remember something*
by Tropang Laonersxz January 1, 2016
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One-ness; A word that is a level up from swag. Strength, Power, good sense, stlye and ability. The term is mostly used as a definite article "The Kwan" than just Kwan.
"Damn yo, he came to a Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in a Christian Dior Suit! He got The Kwan for real."
by SirRosewood September 2, 2011
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1. The act of one hitting rock bottom.
2. Rough.
3. Extreme confusion.

(see FML)
"Today sucked. We couldnt even find the points of infection. It was KWAN."
by Kwanfusion October 7, 2011
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Kwan is Love, Respect, Community & the Dollars too.
Yeah, you right. you got my kwan.
by Fernan Caparas January 13, 2006
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Originating in a dorm room in Houston, Texas. The word kwan is a mispronunciacion of the word coin, and is used to describe something of little value; not worth picking up off the street.

Used by many, as "a worthless piece of $hit."
Can be used as a verb as a replacement of the word "F*ck"
by pamz2110 July 15, 2010
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Teacher: back in the 1600's
Student: Shutup bitch i dont wanna hear your kwan
by Mikey March 4, 2005
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To be the most extraordinary of the extraordinary. An unstoppable force.
That beer pong team is soo kwan, we should just give up.
by twanisgod May 7, 2011
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