Very famous journal (formerly on livejournal and blurty, now on journalfen) which mocks the idiocy, silliness, and drama of some people in various fandoms. Can be seen as amusing or irritating, depending if you were on the receiving end of the wank. Also known as f_w.
The Harry Potter and LOTR fandoms are often featured on fandom_wank.
by Tiara December 30, 2004
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An elitist, in-fighting online community that mocks other online communities for elitism and in-fighting. Often bemoans being chased off of other journaling services and having to restart repeatedly, before going on to laugh at other communities being removed from journaling services and having to restart. Displays shock and disgust at people leaping on someone for daring to speak against the status quo, just before leaping on any member of the community that questions their own status quo. Jeers over heads of other communities getting in a huff and deleting entries or even the community, while conducting secret plots to delete their own community to, depending on whom you ask, "stir things up", "teach them a lesson", or "as a joke".

See also: hypocrites
A Fandom_Wank entry made fun of a Harry Potter community for inane babble, and the Fandom_Wankers made 19857 comments gushing about the entry-maker's icon.
by A Nonny Mouse October 15, 2004
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