The process by which an attempted or achieved goal ends up being the source of your own mental or emotional demise.
When the woman of your dreams whom your engaged to be married to conveys her deep desires to be with another woman , again . And she dumps you for her sons girlfriend. Ending in a total mindfuck.
by badpigg November 6, 2010
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1. To mess with someone's mind until they are quite confused.

2. A thankfully obscure type of porn that occasionally shows up in fanfiction where a penis is inserted into a hole drilled in someone's skull. No, don't go looking for this. It's scary.
1. She mindfucked him so badly that he commited suicide.

2. I read a Lucius/Draco mindfuck and then I threw up.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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to fuck someones mind with numerous amounts of factual awe.
I was watching Richard Dawkins, and I am sore of a mindfuck by his amazing speech.
by BryanML November 14, 2009
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v. To confuse/mess around a potential romantic interest with the intent of either "trapping" them in, or for ego boosts.

n.The act of mindfucking
v I don't think John really likes me, it's ok though, I'll just mindfuck him a bit.

I don't know if i actually like Adam, but he's mindfucked me so much I can't stop thinking about him

Charlotte didn't text me back for 4 hours, I thinks she's trying to mindfuck me

n. Olivia blew me off tonight, do you think she's genuinely busy or is it a mindfuck?
by Pollya January 2, 2008
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A mental state of being totally overblown out of your mind by an event that causes your imagination to blackout for a second before you could be able to recollect your thoughts and ideas about the event
Guy1: Please, Do Rethink the way you think
Guy 2: Huh
Guy1: That's a mindfuck mind fuck
by PeazmanBW October 4, 2015
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Occurs when something happens that is a crazy coincidence or the irony of it all is enough to stop you in your tracks and take a picture, to make it last longer.
Today i was at the park and saw this garbage 'graffiti'; it was a mindfuck.
by PineappleJuice March 21, 2015
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intense communication between people, that generates as much chemical satisfaction than sexual intercourse, but without any physical contact or sensual game.
"I played chess with John yesterday, it was soo nice, so complex... what a mindfuck, if my boyfriend understood chess he'd be jealous as hell"
by thereminbooya August 4, 2005
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