25 definitions by lynx wings

1.A portable shelter made of some sort of cloth stretched over a supporting framework of poles with ropes and pegs.

2. The adultfanfiction.net suggested abbreviation to be put in the summary of a story containing tentacle sex
1. When they went camping, they slept in a tent.

2. The summary for the story read "Buffy meets an interesting monster while patrolling. Anal, DP, Humill, Tent.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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n. A large arboreal boa of tropical South America . Anacondas hold the record for heaviest, if the not longest, snakes in the world. Anacondas are constrictors.  The snake squeezes tighter each time its prey breathes out, so the prey cannot breath in again. This goes on until the prey dies of suffocation.

Also can be used as a euphemism for a certain male bit, but this is discouraged as it tends to give the slightly nerdier among us odd mental images of being squeezed to death and devoured by a penis. For most of us, this is not exactly erotic.
Jane saw an Anaconda in the reptile house at the zoo.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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'Thing' is a rather useful little word that can be substituted for most nouns or noun clauses. It's main uses are:

1. An object you can't remember or don't know the name of.

2. An interest or area of knowledge

3. A penis.

4. An engagement or appointment.

5. A romantic relationship.

6. Used in any variation on "there is this thing where ______" which is used as a filler.
1. "Hey, could you pass that blue thing?

2. "I don't know if you should cut your hair or not. Ask Lola. Style is her thing."

Slut: So he took off his pants, and I saw his thing!
Strumpet: Was it a big thing or a small thing?
Harlot: Oh, I've done him before. He has a medium-sized thing.

4. We couldn't see the movie on Thursday because she had a thing.

5. They had a thing for a while, but they broke up.

6. At the mall there's this thing where you can get your picture taken.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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An often exceedingly craptastic piece of fanfiction which alternates between a story and song lyrics. Not a bad idea by itself, but usually not done very well at all.
I read a songfic last night to 'Sk8er Boi'. I wish to hunt down and torture the author.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
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In the Buffy fandom, a pairing between Spike and Xander.
Anna writes Spander, because she thinks Spike and Xander are destined to be together.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
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1. A synthetic fiber or fabric made from a polymer containing polyurethane, used in the manufacture of elastic clothing.

2. Spike/Xander/Lex threesome pairing. I have yet to see this actually occur, but it's fun to think about.
1. Spandex is uncomfortable to wear.

3. I'm writing a Buffy/Smallvill crossover. It's spandex.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
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Sentinent sponge cartoon character who promotes the gay agenda and makes fundies all around the world very, very angry. Good sponge!
Spongebob mocks the fundamentalists with his homosexuality.
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
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