one of the best punk bands out there, known for their meaningful and sometimes funny lyrics, they are unique for mixing heartfelt ballads with songs like "move your car" which is a almost pointless song.
Millencolin is a punk band from sweden.
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a talented rock band. able to make good songgs out of nothing. a punk band, withhout the screaming and shitty chords.
this band is a softcore punk band, must be wanting to imitate millencolin

"dude, no one can imitate millencolin, they are too talented for these guys"

"at least they tried"
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"millencolin" is taken from the word and the skateboard trick "Melancholy". (Millencolin is not a Swedish word)

look for yourself
by lee September 7, 2004
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a fucking ace band from sweeden who play some fucking mad punk rock legends
man that band is a millencolin
by wombus May 26, 2003
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they do softcore. they come from sweden. they rock.
"if you're lonely or if you're happy, feeling swell or feelin blue we might have a tune for you it's about half of an hour maybe less or maybe more, whatever it might be it's still SOFTCORE"
by matteo cipo (italy) January 18, 2004
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