Northern European Country that is covered in snow and tall people. Naked tall people. Naked blonde tall women.
wooohoooo! We're going to eat fish in sweeden! wtfwtfwtf?
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
n. A hot girl. Someone who you see and they make your skin curl. That's a good thing. A very shallow word used only in cicumstances where people around you know what it means. This word is usually accompanied by a Sweedish accent, no matter how horrible!

Alternate uses: (A country) n. Sweeden. Sweed; adj. Sweedish

Occasionally, annoying outburst in order to get on peoples' nerves.
Wowwie! Look at that Sweeden!
She's a Sweed.
or even
The Weather is fine in Sweeden. I'm from Sweeden.
by Mad Weasel April 12, 2004
Domenic Dunegan’s way of saying Sweden. He said it when his song was on Sweden’s Spotify playlist
Thank you Sweeden for supporting me
by Deathoftheghostclub May 25, 2019
unincorporated community in Kentucky,what the shit kentucky people why did yall think its a good idea to take Sweden and just add an extra e
guy 1:hi im from sweeden
guy 2(actually from Sweden):wow du är också från sverige
guy 1:what the fuck
by aryobagus May 18, 2022