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exploiting , taking too much .
1"he is milking all my energy "
2" the corporates are looking for countries from which they can milk the highest ammount of money .
by dardasaba March 30, 2015
when someone jerks off/ fucks a guy until every drop of cum comes out
He begged her to keep milking him because he loved how it felt.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
What Ubisoft does with all it's franchises
Ubisoft must like milking Assassins Creed and Just dance. They release a game almost every year
by Veeridel October 10, 2015
When somebody milks it they are overdoing it
Jay: *laughing loudly*
Mark: " That joke happened 10 minutes ago you milking it*
by AskAbout.LP July 24, 2017
1) To squeeze a cow's udders to collect milk.
2) A sexual term: to force a man to ejaculate repeatedly.
1) The farmer said, "Go and milk the cow.
2) She tied him up and milked his cock.
by Homer S. February 13, 2005
The act of manipulating the prostate gland through the anus, so as to discharge as much seminal fluid as possible. Often used in BSDM circles.
Bob: Hey Steve, have fun with Cindy last night?
Steve: It was ungodly. She gave me the milking of a lifetime and I blew my load five times!
by Xenoce May 27, 2005
When a man gets on all fours and the partner goes behind him reaches underneath and pulls the erect penis, into the position that his penis can be milked, such as a cow would be.
Did you hear when Jim was eating out Mary, Nancy was milking him!??

James brought a partner over last man, and he was milking me man.
by ninjawarriordex2 September 10, 2007