To attempt to get naked pictures from a woman. When you succeed, you have milked her dry.
I was milking melissa last night, I milked that slut dry.
by Anon1363 November 02, 2009
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A word used to describe a hacky sack circle filled with Banyans (see "Banyan"). Only Banyans or those accompanied by Banyans could ever be "milking" Describes talent, luck and balls in one word.
The mighty hack circle could not fail, they were all milking.
by King Steve April 08, 2003
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Similar to milking a cow but in joke form. When you milk a joke so hard just for attention. Sometimes in worse cases it can be rehearsed in the first place.
Person: *says a joke*
*everyone laughs*
-some time later-
Person: *repeats joke again*
Everyone: Wow you're really milking that joke, it wasn't even funny in the first place.
by soxy February 10, 2018
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