It's the giant cumshot that happens after you get the succ.
i cumm after she succ me
by inicalsio June 3, 2016
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the semen, sperm ejaculate that comes out of the penis after or during intercourse.
he said he wanted to cumm in my mouth when i gave him a blowjob.
by MANDINGOnATL January 23, 2007
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Cummative is an adjective made by the verb cum. This word is used for the description of any things is sexy, fantastic, tempting, or exciting.
Wow, this view is cummative (breathtaking).
I found your proposal, cummative (tempting).
She is a cummative (sexy) girl.
by August 2, 2022
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A woman or a man who is in a Cummative mood sexually aroused by the presence of the opposite sex.
Example: Hey man I want to fuck you
"I'm. Feeling Cummative by you sitting next to me I could smell your testosterone coming off of your person come to my room and fuck"
I'm feeling very aroused and Cummatve by the words you are using
by Saratony March 19, 2018
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A promiscuous girl that takes on many partners in short periods of time. A deep vagina with seemingly no bottom. Ability for deep insertion.
The bitch fucked everybody in your crew? Thank stanky ho like a everlasting cumm stopper.
by guda getta September 27, 2015
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