person: Whoa that weird flying mouse just saved those people.
other person:thats no ordinary flying mouse its MIGHTY MOUSE!!!!!
by ssdd March 19, 2004
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Stuffing ones finger along with the male member into a woman to appear to have a larger penis.
Man she screamed when I gave her a mighty mouse!
by Tom June 5, 2003
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A guy with an implanted penis prosthetic. The device is inflated with a pump in the scrotum to provide an erection and does not go flaccid until released allowing the owner to enjoy multiple orgasms and fuck for as long as his partner desires. Usually a more mature male and prostate cancer survivor who produces no cum allowing the owner to go bareback without fear.
That Mighty Mouse guy looked like my grandpa, but left my ass tingling for three days.
by 1egg2fry May 1, 2016
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1. john kim

2. the most hideous, uncool monster on the face of this earth

3. cocky, self-absorbed individual who claims to be sexy but isn't

4. one who causes others to vomit with their uncoolness

5. one whose vocabulary consists of the words and phrases "OWNED!", "NARUTO ROCKS~ TEEHEE", "I LOVE BOYS", and "GO SUCK A BIG ONE"
mighty mouse < meanies

Did you see mighty mouse? He's going on with his nonsense again.
by Meanies August 29, 2004
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Someone who thinks they are like the cartoon character, Mighty Mouse..."here I am to save the day!" A coward who suddenly finds the 'courage' to tell everyone how he would have been the hero in a situation.
i.e. Mark Wahlberg claimed that he would've been able to single-handedly over-power the 9/11 terrorists and prevent a plane from crashing. Mark has 'Mighty Mouse Syndrome'.
by Lehitraot February 9, 2012
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When a female half of your size becomes angry and decides to put her hands on you and it is more sad than intimidating.
"Does she really think she can be up Cameron? "

"Bitch thinks she's Mighty Mouse."
by Fancy Colt September 26, 2017
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An unusually powerful mouse girl, the real power behind other mice.
The Mighty Mouse Girl tried to convince them all that they were the big cheese, but really she knew who was going to get all the cheese in the end.
by The Original Agahnim July 7, 2021
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