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Mexli is one of the most beautiful and sexy girls and although can be a pain can also be your #1 supportive friend. Mexli is always there when you need her and try’s her best to help. Mexli is also probably the cutest girl in the world and all the boys fall for her. Mexli will do anything and everything to find her one true love but while she does she goes back and forth with her crazy bitchy ex reimon. Mexli goes through a hard and crazy life but no matter what gets in her way mexli gets through it. Mexli is also a very wanting person when she wants something she try’s her hardest to get it and in the end she does. Mexli also has a couple of fake friends but no matter what she is always there for them and acts like she’s ok with them being fake but she really isn’t . Mexli is probably the most amazing person in the world.
Mexli is very wonderful and no matter what gets in her way she gets through it!
by Mexli May 11, 2018
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