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A very beautiful person with a great personality. She does not care what people think of her unless it very offensive and she will go off on you. She will bring light into your life and you will get very attached to her. Never let go of a melina if you get one. She is also not a hoe, she just knows how to have a fun time.
I am so glad that I have a melina in my life.
by _savage_ June 03, 2017
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A Melina is a very nice and humble. She will always make you laugh and has a very dirty mind. She has a very good body, and is not shy at all. A Melina is very emotianal and easy to make cry. A Melina will most likely have brown hair with brown or green eyes. She also has many friends, and gets mad easily. A Melina will always fall and trip over stuff and considered very clumsy. A Melina will also most likely be very short and loves to draw. She most likely would have great fashion sense and is very creative. If you ever has a Melina is your life never let her go. She is very easy to get attached to and she will always love you no matter what. Even when your sad she'll always lift your spirit and cheer up and make you laugh out of control. Never let go of a Melina in your life.πŸ’•
Melina is so nice and funny!
by YaBoiBonelessPizza May 27, 2019
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She is an amazing loving friend, who anyone would be lucky to have. Although she may seem a little crazy its just her personality. she would give up anything to help a friend. Shes sweet kind she isn't shy at all and likes to stand out in a crowd. She loves hugs and will comfort anyone in need of a hug or a friend. If you see her give her a hug because she needs someone to brighten her day.
melina is my best friend
by sgqgyqgvx September 24, 2017
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Melina is a very pretty girl. She loves everything on this earth, except for people who lie. Melina is accepting of others and will always love you as long as you love her. She is healthy, smart, funny, and shy. Melina may come off as an outgoing person but is secretly fine with being left alone. Melina always needs a hug, so if you see a Melina, go and make her day.
Melina is such a good person, no wonder why everyone loves her.
pretty smart booty funny outgoing dance shy sexy
by Mysticfalls March 14, 2015
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Melina is a very positive, athletic, kind, caring person who lights up the room as soon as she walks in. She is a very beautiful girl, and all guys are lucky to have her. She is a great person to talk to when your feeling down because she instantly makes you laugh. Melina has a stunning body shape and looks great in anything. She also has a really funny side that can brighten up you day instantly. If you ever meet a Melina never let her go because she Is a great role model and friend, that will always be right by your side If you don't have beef. After all Melina is a great person
Boy: Omg look at Melina, she is beautiful!
Others: Umm hello, im over here...
Boy: Look at Melina go!
by Mpanda11 June 08, 2018
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Melina is a tall, beautiful girl who can get anything she wants with a simple request. However, she does not use this to her advantage, she is very fair and kind. She is bronze, like gold and she is depicted like a god. Those who fall in love with her will always be loved back, if not with more passion because she loves all of those who can care for another person besides themselves. She has a lot on her mind though, she feels like she will never be good enough, for anyone.
I envy Melina, she is the perfect person.
by Tropicallamas December 21, 2015
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Melina is someone who you should never lose because if you do your life gonna suck tbh. Melina wants a long-lasting relationship don't break her heart her dad will break you in half :), Shes outgoing and playfull give her your hoodies she'll treat them with utter care. and don't let your ex get in the way of the relationship because its gonna get crazy if you it'll get kinda wild and not in a good way. Treat her like a queen not a princess.
Person 1-Wow Melina is gorgeous

Person 2- Yea she's my girlfriend, she makes me really happy.

Person 1- NEVER leave her do you hear me?
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by thalina<3 November 24, 2019
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