she is the most chill girl you ll ever meet. she is just so stunning. gorgeous from the inside and from the outside. when she walks by, she turns every boys head around. she is one of those persons you could spend a night together just talking. YOu can have a lot of fun with her but you can also talk 'bout serious stuff. she will always listen to you and try to find a solution. with her you gain a real friend. in a bigger group she sometimes seems shy but its because she just dont give fuck. she just thinks it efforts to much effort starting a fight with someone she not even cares about. she doesn't wanna spend her time talking to people she barely know or wanna know so she is rather quiet. not in an impolite way, just quiet. she is quiet but nice. to everyone. she is really never bitchy, like never. people just love her. she is the oppisite of tall but has an even bigger heart. WE LOVE HER.
boy: who is this?
me: oh this? this is melina do not even try, she is out of your legaue man

"she is so damn kind. she is a real melina"
by mloo April 16, 2020
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melina is a very gorgeous girl. every guy falls in love when they see melina. if you have a melina don’t let to of her. she’s the light of your life
“I’m dating Melina, I’m never gonna let go of her”
by bahsnsjsjsh November 30, 2020
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melina is the best. she often thinks she‘s not good enough but melina if you read this: i love you with my whole heart don‘t say anything bad about you. you‘re gorgeous.
i‘ve been friends with a melina since almost 12 years and guys trust me. melina is a whole therapy :)
by thisbabe November 21, 2021
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sweatiest minecraft player but had a dark secret about terrorism
whos that lvl 400 with 1k final kills?
oh. thats melina the misogynist.
by cracklord420 December 12, 2021
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2.beautiful girl with great personality
3.brings happiness to peoples lifes
4.great artist with a hot body
5.leaves you speechless shes a melina
2.i wish i had a melina by me
by erik loid March 1, 2009
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Melina is a girl who likes to be wild, adventurous and free. No chance to be under normal rules.
by dlock23 November 23, 2021
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Melina is a very positive, athletic, kind, caring person who lights up the room as soon as she walks in. She is a very beautiful girl, and all guys are lucky to have her. She is a great person to talk to when your feeling down because she instantly makes you laugh. Melina has a stunning body shape and looks great in anything. She also has a really funny side that can brighten up you day instantly. If you ever meet a Melina never let her go because she Is a great role model and friend, that will always be right by your side If you don't have beef. After all Melina is a great person
Boy: Omg look at Melina, she is beautiful!
Others: Umm hello, im over here...
Boy: Look at Melina go!
by Mpanda11 May 24, 2018
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