noun: The Melbourne (Australia) train service. It is notorious for having many disruptions, cancellations, and delays.

verb: 1. To be extremely late or delayed.
2. To be affected by someone or something's tardiness.
Noun: "I take the metro to school/work."

Verb: 1. "On a scale from 1 to Metro how delayed are you?" (facebook page)
2. "My train was a whopping 33 minutes late! I got metro'ed hard"
by melbournecommuter September 22, 2011
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The type of people who in high school aren’t popular, do drugs and dress kinda off trend but are usually low key popular because they’re super funny and nice and everyone loves them.
“What the hell, that group is so funny. Who are they”
“Oh yeah, they’re the metros
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by Ggggaye June 20, 2019
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