Intelligent and peaceful but with an absurd amount of energy and a thirst for adventure. A man, usually of Russian/ Slavic background, knows how to keep a crowd happy however isn't a party animal. He has his manners in check and is usually a very genuine, caring individual and a very loyal friend and partner. Quite a romantic, he knows how to treat a lady right and makes a strict but loving father. A very hard worker and values independence.Although prone to daydreaming, may seem very serious and deep in thought on the outside but is goofy and warm at heart and knows how to have a good laugh when it's needed.
"Who is that fine looking gentleman over there?"
"That's Artyom"
by Kayel May 3, 2015
The protagonist in the Metro videogame/book series
“So who’s the main guy in Metro 2033?”
Thats Artyom!”
by Crackrzz August 14, 2018
if this guy is a Korean, then you should know few things: he's always showing off how cool, smart, rich he is but in fact he's just got the smallest penis in the yard
Artyom has a tiny penis.
by Kristyy K November 24, 2021