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An old fashioned term used for coolness. Also used as a term of fun.
Wow, that was Merz!
What would Merz do?
by Steve April 07, 2005
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Pimp-One who likes the company of many "bitches" ant. skanksta
Cory Merz of Cass City, Michigan United States
by Billy Bass October 27, 2003
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A large man, characterized by belligerence and/or sideburns.
Tim Merz
by Ken Mickles February 14, 2004
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A patently shoddy or cheaply conceived idea, item, or transaction that is undertaken with the intention to save time, money or effort with a net result of a loss of time, money and or quality. The historical etymology of the term traces back to Patrick Merz, a Lansing, MI area chef who characteristically engaged in behavior of this kind.
"Yeah, the contractor finished but used quikcrete instead of real granite- it was basically a Merz job"...."Sorry man, sounds like you've been Merzed".

"I pulled a Merz and finagled this senile old woman until she sold me the Dodge Dart for $750. Score"

"No sir, I will not gamble my inheritance for a change to win that cruise to Atlantic City. Who do you think I am, Patrick Merz?
by Franz Vanholder March 01, 2021
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