someone who refuses to pay his or her debts after a bet
I bet him $20 that the Dallas Cowboys would beat the Washington Redskins and when they did the welcher refused to pay
by J. L. Writt December 13, 2007
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A man who bets but doesn’t pay up.
Cian bet Ben $610 at hit the post and lost.

Ben: “That’s $610 you owe me big son.”

Cian: “Na you’re ok.”

Ben: “Fucking welcher!”
by Hammond Jackson March 28, 2019
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A very offensive racial slur for a Welsh person. A Welshman will kick your ass if you say it!
Pompous Englishman: Oh dear, get out of my way you dirty welcher!
Proud Welshman: Fuck you, you bloody stucky up english arsehole! (Kicks englishman's ass.)
by Davy Davis October 4, 2005
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dayam you bizatch ass, quitit with teh welcherness
by 1337zorz January 5, 2005
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an enormously gay man who likes to jizz in his partner's ass and slurp out the man-juice with a straw
" ken is such a welcher"
by grey September 19, 2004
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Someone who doesn't pay up on their bets.
I bet Dana 8 burritos that the US would win the America's Cup and he refused to pay. Classic Welcher.
by Bobby Rayburn November 13, 2013
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When someone makes a bet and refuses to pay.
Mark bet me $10 that Kevin Bacon was an Army lawyer and not a Marine lawyer. When he saw that he was a Marine lawyer, he didn't pay up. What a welcher
by DATA MCP March 7, 2012
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