Effect of listening to one of George W Bush's state of the union address's.
John: Hey Fred, where's Tom?

Fred: He was sent to a crazy house.

John: What? Why?

Fred: He watched one of George W Bush's speeches and came down with a case of mental retardation.

John: Oh.
by jokemonkey February 03, 2008
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#1 subbing to t-seires
#2 being Lili
#3 liking Morgs and jake paul
#4 anime traps and revers anime traps
Lili is mentally retarded
by gftbdjuajs May 10, 2019
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when smoking weed, the point at which one gets so high that he/she resembles somebody with some kind of mental retardation. Characteristics include flailing arms at nothing, yelling/screaming at nothing, profound uncontrollable laughter. there is no specified amount that one has to smoke in order to achieve this state of mind because everyone's tolerance is different. everybody expresses their point of mental retardation differently, but it's usually easy to tell when one has reached the point of mental retardation. in conversation, this phrase is typically abbreviated to 'PMR.'
Zach: *hits bong*
Joey: *hits bong*
Will: oh damn, is he at the point of mental retardation?
Joey: yupp
Will: shit, should we put him outside or something?
Joey: there's cops rolling around the neighborhood.
Will: oh right
by Delta5plus4 July 21, 2010
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Guy 1:Damn bro you are kinda acting like a, Bismarck
Guy 2:What does that mean bro?
Guy 1:It means you have, Mental Retardation
by Average retarded autist August 02, 2021
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