Fortnite players.
If seen in public please mercy kill, so that the infection does not spread.
by D1ngleb33ry May 29, 2019
i have mental retardation
by Charuzu April 21, 2022
Effect of listening to one of George W Bush's state of the union address's.
John: Hey Fred, where's Tom?

Fred: He was sent to a crazy house.

John: What? Why?

Fred: He watched one of George W Bush's speeches and came down with a case of mental retardation.

John: Oh.
by jokemonkey February 4, 2008
#1 subbing to t-seires
#2 being Lili
#3 liking Morgs and jake paul
#4 anime traps and revers anime traps
Lili is mentally retarded
by gftbdjuajs May 10, 2019
everyone in my art class
they wont shut up
Me: My art class are all affected with mental retardation
by drunkenmidget March 14, 2022