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fun;exciting;loving;caring;and everything to summer.
"I love Grant Salveson so so so so so so so so so much. He is everthing i ever dreamed of"
by Summer June 02, 2003

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Fuck Me plain and simple a short way for a fem to say to a guy "Please fuck my brains out"
"Hi, Jake, FM?" "Sure, when?"
by Summer September 01, 2004

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Jewish American Princess
Usually fromt eh Northeast and like the majority of the children of Jews, her parents are well off. There is no way in the world she would be seen without her new "Loui" bag even if she was wearing sweatpants. Usually drives a Bimer or other like cars.
by Summer April 01, 2004

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what haters drink
fuck that girl..... sorry i guess i drank too much hateraide
by summer October 08, 2003

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A piece of shit 'town' where hookers get murdered by 14 year old misguided youths and left naked under trucks. Also a good place to get robbed by a bum for your sandwich. Home of the University of New Haven, where the little spoiled criminal justice scenesters are scared of the poor people.
Waste Haven is where crackwhores go to die.
by Summer October 21, 2005

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Word devised by Janet on Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, meaning the feeling you get when you see someone you love, fancy etc.
^ mentioned all above, nothing more too it
by Summer January 01, 2005

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It's a person who hangs out with preppy people and the rednecks. They dress in their prep clothes sometimes but Wranglers othertimes. They generally aren't one or the other, just both. They fit in with both groups even though preps and rednecks are usually considered opposites.
(none: definition gives examples within itself)
by Summer June 15, 2004

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