A woman having multiple partners simultaneously allowing them to exchange positions or rotate in. Commonly in a counter clockwise motion. Each man has an opportunity to fuck the woman in each of her holes.The exchange can be as quick as a few pumps each or as long as a few minutes at each station. A mery-go-round can be accomplished with as few as 3 men to a gang bang.
A woman is doing a double penetration (woman on top). She is sucking off a 3rd man. The man fucking her in the ass vacates her asshole. He goes to the end of the line. The man receiving the blow job goes to her asshole while a new man rotates into receive a blow job. There are many variations to the merry-go-round.
by Justin19642 February 6, 2006
When 1 guy fucks a guy in the ass, and then that guy fucks another guy in the ass and on and on until the last guy is back around fucking the 1st guy in the ass until they are all connected like a circle.
Bob, Robert, Bill, William, and Billiam made a merry-go-round.
by MistahTom December 12, 2005
In prison, at the end of the inmate's sentence, the inmate goes from department to department to obtain signatures and tie up any loose ends. They check in with various staff members to ensure a smooth release from the institution. This is usually done the last business day prior to the inmate's release from the prison.
Say! There go LaDarius, he be goin' on his merry-go-round. He go home ta-marrah!
by sanjac1836 July 11, 2008
When you take a girl and place her legs behind her head then place her on your erect cock and spin her around
I gave Jaquese a merry-go-round last night at my grandmas house and got close to 20 rpms.
by Newman and John May 16, 2005
When you prop a girl on your penis and you spin her around, while playing/singing creepy carnival music.
I gave that bitch the merry go round last night, and she was real dizzy!
by aubreydwoodsshannon March 22, 2008
Like a train that keeps coming around and around again. The fun never stops.
"you niggaz wanna run a train on that bitch?"

"Fuck that, I got 5 hours to spare, let's make it a merry-go-round!"
by El Capitan Monsiuer Bisch January 12, 2010
when a group of males surrounds a female and she head bobs the males from one cock to the next and the first one to cum gets to fuck her.
guy 1 : dude i totally got the merry go round last night from emily with conner and justin it was niceee
by jdiff May 19, 2008