In prison, at the end of the inmate's sentence, the inmate goes from department to department to obtain signatures and tie up any loose ends. They check in with various staff members to ensure a smooth release from the institution. This is usually done the last business day prior to the inmate's release from the prison.
Say! There go LaDarius, he be goin' on his merry-go-round. He go home ta-marrah!
by sanjac1836 July 10, 2008
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When you take a girl and place her legs behind her head then place her on your erect cock and spin her around
I gave Jaquese a merry-go-round last night at my grandmas house and got close to 20 rpms.
by Newman and John May 16, 2005
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When a quadrapaligec woman is mountained on a mans penis and is spun repedidatly spun round and round on his tool.
Dont be so sad about your wifes operation, at least now you can giver her the ol' merry-go round!
by alekinchains December 12, 2007
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A bunch of bitches locking arms in a circular pattern. Each dude then chooses his β€œhorse”, they then proceed to rotate counterclockwise periodically.
Jeremy: Duuuuuuude you totally missed out bro. No joke there was a 20 person Merry-go-round at the party last night.

Timothy: SHIT man I had to work, that SUCKS!!!
by TheSonOfFronk May 06, 2018
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