2 definitions by Katie and Wes

The disease of constant obnoxious name-dropping etc.
Katie: Yo, I was just at Manhattan Beach yesterday...it was so nice.
Wes: Oh yeah, I went there last week with a friend who parties with Eddie Van Halen's drug dealer....
Katie: Ewww. You're hideous.
by Katie and Wes August 18, 2005
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A word used to describe the stupidest shizzle one could ever imagine. Ridonk applies to one's personality, if their actions merit it. It's more ridiculous than ridiculous, and even one step above ridonculous.
Wes: Dude, I was fuckin runnin from the cops and shit for an hour before i realized that they were chasing someone else.
Katie: That's ridonk. Dumbass.
by Katie and Wes August 18, 2005
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