A boner in the clitoral region that a girl gets during the beginning stages of menstruation. It typically occurs during the first fifteen minutes of menstruation.
Everyone can see that Sally has a raging menstruation boner.
by Werd1234567 November 30, 2009
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A phrase to describe a large amount of blood, paint, tomato juice, originally coined in the 60s to describe the tomatoe orgy popular in The Village in NY, now used by reporters inveigled by the Thai red shirts.
All these Thai red shirt rioters with their paint, and OMG blood, it's like a menstruating whale snatch, yeah!

That expression captures the overwhelming red so well, I hope it makes it to Urban dicK
by Dr Merkin May 14, 2010
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1. An extremely foul smell caused from any multitude of malodorous, poorly combined noxious odors.

2. Something crawled up your ass and died.
1. (Used when America still owned industry)

Husband: That smells like the ass end of a menstruating skunk!

Wife: No, paper plant.

2. Person A: Did you fart?

Person B: No.

Person A: That smells like the ass end of a menstruating skunk.
by skunker09 December 1, 2009
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1 a crazy band that has tons of weird songs.
2. what happens when you hire a woman in a group male newscasters(circa Anchorman)
"i hear that bears can smell the menstration"

"you see that, bears now you have endangered the whole station"

by c-moc March 15, 2007
PMS is a mental condition found in bi-polar, rabid, psycho, unstable, generally 'off' ex-girlfriends. Typically the female species experiences a few days of PMS monthly, but in a true crazy-psycho broad PMS can cloud her thinking and cause her to act violently. Beware of PMS whores, they may be winning now but they'll probably end up with vaginal cancer by the age of 30.
The local police officer inferred a serious case of psycho-menstruating slut (pms) due to the broken wood and shattered glass of the sliding door at the bottom of the staircase leading from the rooftop.
by whathappenedtothatbird August 4, 2011
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When your girl is on her period and she is being bitchy.
Why are you being so menstruational today?
by Thizzbo57 August 9, 2018
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A term used by people trying to earn woke points by pretending not to understand that only female mammals menstruate. Women, i.e. adult female humans, find this term to be demeaning, sexist and misogynistic.
Any company that calls me a menstruator loses my business.
by Mehitabel September 11, 2021
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