The indigenous memus (Memus) is the name for historic memes dating longer than 3 years upon there rising into the internet community. Memes older than 5 years (Pre-Historic; Pre-Memus) will have specific names within the indigenous memus area, example:

(Nyan Cat---> Nyanus Felis Catus)

Pre-Memus Era: 1996-2009 Memus Era: 2009-2012 Dankus Memus Era : 2013-Present

Created by: Raighmere
1. Hey have you seen the Dancing Baby pre-memus, it's really old?

2. The memus era is slowly fading from our memories.
by Raighmere January 2, 2018
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The part of your brain right behind your frontal lobe that is responsible for the creation of dank memes.
Jim, I'm sorry to say that your dankus memus is not longer functioning properly. You can no longer create dank memes.
by Ploooterman November 27, 2016
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The telltale signs in a meme which reveal who created it
"Oh man, have you seen that new pepe meme? It was definitely created by dankmemer98234 because pepe was holding a gold gun and and it was posted on that weird, old meme subreddit, and those specific meme characteristics are all part of their memus operandi"
by Damn fine Dinky April 6, 2022
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A meme of ye old time, no longer extant. Such meme hath been o'ertaken by normie folk.
Templar, why doth thou still speak'st of yond boyith meme, 'tis a memus mortis
by Cubeman7 March 2, 2018
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When you're the lord of the memes or use memes a lot you name yourself Dankus Memus.
by The Meme Lord Of All Memes August 11, 2016
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Sometimes when you call yourself "Dankus Memus" in Skyrim
Hey, what's your skyrim username? Dankus Memus of Pepe, Slayer of Dat Bois
by Dankus Memus May 4, 2016
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(Emerging Cultural Phenomenon) A musical genre incorporating elements of ragtime, romantic-era piano music, and meme culture created by Charles Cornell, a YouTuber, music tutor, and musician
Dude 1: I wish they had a memusic section on Spotify.
Dude 2: Oh, it must be sooo hard having Spotify premium.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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