Worthy of meme status: sufficiently interesting, exciting, unusual or entertaining enough to become a viral product on the internet.
The anonymity of /b/ has been the source of both the unfortunately unforgettable and the eternally memerable.
by Tojuro January 31, 2012
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Virgin who write funny shit on a picture and posts it to get the satisfaction his/her parents never gave him
by Autistickid007 March 14, 2017
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1. The generation that will one day run all governments and bring happiness to the world

2. People who spend their lives selflessly working to preserve the sanity of teenagers
1. Depressed-pacito : "Hey life fucking sucks man"
Memer : "Just hold on, one day the memers will bring an end to all depression"

2. Hollabilly : "You coming to Jennifer's party bro?"
Memer : "Nah man, I need to spend tonight in my room creating memes for the good of humanity."
Hollabilly : "Wow, we need people like you running the government."
by Jeenamell November 19, 2018
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A person who is talented in the art of making a meme.
Did you see Jake's meme last night he is such a creative memer.
by Memer1117 March 3, 2012
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A person with severe depression. Usually mixed in with deep anxiety and paranoia. These people are very saddened.
Billy: I'm such a memer dude
Jane: Billy, its okay. I'm here for you
Billy: Cries
by Poor Mexican March 26, 2018
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Sometimes spelled Mere Mere, pronouced "meh-may". French Canadian for grandma.
Memeres and Peperes are the Grandmas and Grandpas of French kids.
by ScottX October 22, 2006
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noun. The act of memorizing a meme for reference.
I spent all of last night undergoing memerization so my friends think I'm cool.
by Accelerate Nate January 22, 2018
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