a word used to express all anxieties. when you are down or bummed. an extension of the word sad. {sad}
"OMG they don't have that shirt in my size........... awww i am saddened."

"He told me he was going to call, but then he didn't.......i was saddened."

"I'm saddened."
by Alex Narramore June 8, 2005
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The collective noun for an assembled group of vegans
Restaurant manager to new waitress: Can you attend to the saddening at table 10, they look like they're ready to order.
New Waitress: Sure, which one is table 10 again?
Manager: The quiet table in the corner with people wearing "meat is murder" tee-shirts.
by HisBeariness April 6, 2021
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Its basically a weirder way of saying something is really saddening. It is best used as a one-word reaction rather than it being used in a sentence.
by Actual chihuahua March 16, 2021
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how to express a feeling in a moment.
matthew: my bird died..
me: aww.. thast so saddening :(
by BIG.MAC August 28, 2007
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"cool" people use this as an alternative name for Magic: The Gathering, aka MTG, in order to take the piss out of the nerds that play it.
by brindy December 31, 2005
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It is when something is sad and you and an ing to the end to explain your feelings abt the sad thing
Person A: man that characters backstory is so saddening
Person B:i disagree, i think this other characters backstory is even more saddening
Person A: thats your opinion!!!
by Some musical fan August 13, 2021
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