A girl that everyone is obsessed with. No one can resist her natural charm for being fucking hot. She cannot walk outside because every couple breaks up; everyone wants to date her instead. She has great taste in music, art, and her ideas on the world are all so spiritual and make sense. Who wouldn't be obsessed with her? A study shows that 100% of people who say they arent are lying.
Im in obsessed with Melony. - everyone
by literallyyou June 1, 2021
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Someone who is amazing.

Synonyms: Beautiful, Incredible, Marvelous, Stunning, Gorgeous
Guy 1: Did you see that woman over there?
Guy 2: Yeah she was so Melony!
by mommy681 on animal jam May 27, 2017
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PETER: Wow! Pamela is sooooo Melony!

BOBBY: Watch it. Tommy beat the shit out of Greg for getting so titelated over her.

PETER: Yea? But I bet Greg was being Budstupider at the time, right?

BOBBY: True. Good point bro'.
by Bar Bare-All Eden June 10, 2006
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Is a another way to spell the name Melanie
"That girl's name is Melony"
by Chalhoub May 27, 2008
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Pretty, beautiful,the right girl ,thicc,attractive,amazing girl,loyal,nice,beautiful eyes,she Will love you forever,won't break your heart.
Melony is so pretty
by Lilbaecrazy August 9, 2019
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